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A lot goes on around here above and beyond any official roles.

These are just some of the people working behind the scenes!

And here's what you can do too.

Kiddush Team

We hold approximately four community kiddushim a year.

The Team:

Esti Guedalia
The Wigmans
The Goodmans
Leora Marsden
Chagai Guedalia
Amiad Coleman

How you can help: 

  • Ordering via phone/whatsapp

  • Light shopping (paper goods, etc.)

  • Pick up at shops (Angels cakes)

Pick one thing and take it on for the year or sign on for occasional backup!

Childrens' Tefillah

Ariel Lesnick

The team:

Debralee & Daniel Goldman

Uri Goldstein

Sara & Leon Joseph

Dawn & Julian Marsden

Brian Thau

How you can help: 

We need men, women, teens to join in the rotation!


Jody Stein

How you can help: 

  • Ideas

  • Implementation

  • Organization

  • Adults/youth

  • Summer programming

Community Beit Midrash

Help support this community program of monthly shiurim.

How you can help:

Advertising, light shopping, setup/cleanup.

Weekly Shabbat Schedule & Monthly Calendars

Jerry Schwartz

How you can help: 

We need additional people to split the job or be a backup!


Jody Stein, Dan Kupfer

Nehemia Margalit

How you can help:

Small, occasional organizational tasks, such as:

  • organizing siddurim

  • organizing the kitchen

  • weeding

  • storage closets

  • and many more!


Mark Granat

How you can help:

Join the guard duty rotation.

Notice Boards


How you can help:

See an outdated flyer? Take it down!


Michal Berman

How you can help:

Are you comfortable with Wix? We could use someone to help add/update content.


Naava Swirsky

Youth Minyan

Dorron Kline


Ian Banks

Purchasing, collection and supervision of the tzedaka box, organization of parsha pamphlets and materials for geniza, general weekly upkeep, and more!

Cleaning Coordinators

Susan Hoffman

Manage and supervise cleaning staff.

Memorial Plaques

Ashley Coleman

Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, Shabbat Sheva Brachot Sign Up

Baruch Gelber


Heftzi Rublin

Miriam Geal Dor

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