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Rav Mayer Lichtenstein 


Rav Mayer Lichtenstein, who has served our community since Shavuot 5774, gives shiurim, derashot and lectures and is available for halachic direction or to offer a caring ear in personal matters.

An alumnus of Netiv Meir Yeshiva High School and Yeshivat Har Etzion Yeshiva, Rav Mayer received semichah from the Israel Rabbinate and holds a doctorate in Talmud from Bar-Ilan University, where he wrote his dissertation on birkhot ha-nehenin in rabbinic literature.  While in Hesder at Yeshivat Har-Etzion and subsequently in his reserve duty, Rav Mayer served in the tank corps of the IDF. Rav Mayer teaches in the Torah She-be-al Peh division of Herzog College and at the Midrasha at Bar Ilan University. He has also served as a Ra”m at Yeshivat Hakibbutz Hadati in Ein Zurim and in Bet Vaad Hatorah - Yeshivat Otniel, and has lectured as well at “Matan” and Bet Midrash “Chevruta “ in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Rav Mayer’s lecture style combines in-depth analytical learning with the precision of the Brisk method, a reflection of a lifetime of study under his illustrious father, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l and from his grandfather Rav Soleveitchik zt”l, with textual precision and philological methods, utilizing the vast range of knowledge available to us today. Rav Mayer’s sichot and shiurim probe the human situation as reflected in our sources and strive to highlight the ways in which the waters of Torah can serve meaningfully as a fount of life for the modern person, and his experience of Torah.

Rav Mayer and his wife Michal, an art therapist, live in Beit Shemesh with their children.

To contact Rav Mayer:
Cell: 0548100321

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