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Planning a bar/bat mitzvah? 

If you're an Ohel Yonah Menachem member preparing for a child's bar or bat mitzvah, here's what you need to do!

Save the date

Baruch Gelber

When: Up to 18 months in advance

Reserve the simcha hall

Shirley Perry 

Submit a request for kiddush fund

Planning a community kiddush? Contact our treasurer to request use of the kiddush fund.

Aaron Jaffe (Treasurer)

Contact the Rav

Rav Mayer Lichtenstein

When: Arrange to meet 2 weeks before your simcha

Contact the Gabaim

Contact the gabaim to organize kibbudim and aliyot

When: Arrange to meet 2 weeks before your simcha

For contact details for the gabaim, see our contact page


  • When purchasing candy to shower the bar mitzvah with sweetness, make sure to choose soft candies to prevent injury.​

  • Planning a community kiddush? Need some help getting started?  Here are some tips for purchasing:

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